viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Exciting Benefits of a Tаrоt Card Reading

I always feel pretty honored when ever someone comes to me for a reading and especially when I have been recommended by someone who has already had a reading with me. I can see how important it is to that person that they feel comfortable and at ease. I can guarantee that when most people come to me for the first time they say 'you wont tell me anything bad will you?' or 'I am so nervous' this I find quite disconcerting.

Maybe they would feel the same if they were going in to a counselling session and it reveals to me that they have a pessimistic view of their lives. I know that they are not skeptical because they would not waste their time and money on something that they did not believe in, yet quite often I see that they don't believe in themselves.

My favored deck of cards is 'Tarot of Ye Olde Path' these are the cards I first started out with and no matter how many decks of different tаrоt I buy I am always guided back to these cards. These cards are laid out in four rows and they represent 'past', 'emotions', 'now' and 'future' and using the universal language of the cards I am able to bring up some interesting things about them.

The past line clarifies what has gone before and this is often where the client reaches for the tissues. It is up to them if they want to confirm or dismiss what I see but I know that this will trigger off a healing process. Their own healing system will kick in and get that wheel moving so that they can be free to move forward with their lives.

The present line will tell them who is around them now, what they intend to do, how they interact and what is possible as a result of the here and now. I can explain to them how it is they have arrived at where they are at and what they need to know before moving forward. This is invaluable to them because often they have ideas in the back of their head that then come to the forefront.

Once they see that their ideas are realistic and achievable as confirmed in the psychic reading they know that they can move forward. There is an element of excitement as they start to prepare in their mind the next steps that they need to take to get them to where they need to be. I explain to them how I have got my information I show them the images that stick out from the cards and how this relates to the order of the spread and the symbolism behind the cards.

The future line is always of great interest after all that is what they have come for to know their future. I like to show them the foundation cards in the past line and how that relates to their future. An example of this could be that they were born in to poverty, however, they showed determination and knew that they could create a better life. I can see perhaps a negative financial card in the past line but a very positive one in the future line.

It is a good thing to get a reading as it sorts out where you have come from where you are at and where you are heading. You have so much power over your own destiny it is not just in the hands of the guides, spirits, spirit guides and angels it is all within you. It may come as a surprise that you are the author and creator of your own destiny to a certain extent. You are the one with the 'free will' to use mind power to change anything that comes up in the reading that you don't like. It could be said then that sometimes the readings provide warnings that if you take a certain course of action then something could happen but is open to change after being forewarned.

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