lunes, 10 de abril de 2017

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Tаrоt Interpretation

Tаrоt is a tool used in many different spiritual paths to help the practitioner understand a situation better and offer advice. Using the cards laid out in a "spread" you can begin to get more intimate with the question at hand. Many practitioners start out and read a card for face value or don't look for patterns within the chaos. Today we are going to go over four of the biggest mistakes beginners make when reading a tаrоt spread.

One of the biggest mistakes is that tаrоt will tell the future. Unfortunately the future hasn't been written yet, so we can only use tаrоt to talk about the current path you are on; the things going on in your life in this instance. Tаrоt is a tool that tells our story through depictions and patterns. When you look at a spread, always find a story in the depictions. This leads us to our second biggest mistake.

As stated before when you look at a single card in a certain position within a spread and read it for face value, you are missing the big picture. Ex. When a card comes up in the past position of a three card spread don't interpret the card until you look at the present and future positions. You will find each card takes on a whole new dimensional meaning when brought together with other cards in the spread. This is what tаrоt is about, finding the patterns that are the story within the given spread.

Me like most other practitioners wanted to start out with reading the Celtic Cross spread. This spread has anywhere from 9-12 card positions. Finding a pattern for a beginner in the chaos of this spread is normally way too difficult. Sticking to smaller spreads such as the three card; Past Present and Future, will make your life a lot easier in the long run. As you begin to recognize the patterns between two and three cards you can then more comfortably move into 5-9 card spreads.

Our intuition is the driving force behind all the good decisions we make if we listen to it. This is the third biggest mistake when reading tarot, not listening to your intuition. Your intuition is your gut feeling, the lump in your chest you get when you feel something is right or wrong. When you look at a card, look at the symbols on it and feel what they are saying to you before you open the book and find its' "correct" meaning. This leads to more personal revelations and can provoke the querent as to what information needs to be given. When I read for people I always say "Now were going to have a discussion about your situation based on what the cards tell us." Tаrоt should never be a one way channel. The most talented practitioners use the cards as a tool to converse the meaning of the situation at hand, and offer advice.

Fourthly, but certainly not lastly is the mistake of doing several readings for the same question. This will not make the situation any more clear and you won't get any more answers. The tаrоt will tell you what it needs to with just one spread. If you need clarification you can re-shuffle the deck and ask for clarification on a certain card. Only draw 2-3 cards for clarification. If you choose more than 2-3 cards you will begin to get confused and the tаrоt will contradict itself. Most of the time the best cards to gain more clarification on is the card the represents the person being read for and the outcome of that situation.

Overall, tаrоt is a great tool to use in order to understand a situation and find good advice. Don't be afraid to make mistakes when reading tarot, we can't learn if we don't make mistakes. Always have fun when you are reading even if the topic is serious, often times people need to be made comfortable during a reading so keeping an overall happy facade while reading, this will let them know everything is okay.

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