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Judgement - A Hard Card To Avoid?

As an archangel blows ominously upon his golden trumpet, the naked masses fling open their arms beneath him, appealing anxiously for mercy. Their big day has finally come, and there are no more last chances to be grasped at! Those who've failed to impress will soon know their fate, as everyone receives their final Judgement...

Apart from being an obvious source of illustrative inspiration, the penultimate card in Tarot's greater arcana is borrowing nothing from the Bible. Because this card has precious little to do with the afterlife, but plenty to do with rehabilitation, healing and awakening in the here and now! Some typical meanings within your Tаrоt spread can include:

An end to a long-running unpleasantness
A significant change of heart
Relationships becoming intense
A chance to make improvements
Perhaps more than anything else, this card signifies transformation, which most of the time makes it a terrific influence. This might involve advice to become far less self-critical, or somebody walking into your life who will prove a strong, influential and dynamic force!

It cautions that, whilst patience is very often the key to success, laziness can never be a virtue! To the contrary, the influence of Judgement is to feed strong drives within us, forcing us to push onwards in search of developments that will lead to real, tangible changes that bring substantial benefits.

As with all the cards in every Tаrоt reading, it's vital you take into account its position within your spread. Along with the influence of the surrounding cards, this is how we learn its specific meaning.

And be careful! Bear in mind that the strong, transformative energies that Judgement brings to your Tаrоt reading are by no means always positive. Fanaticism, intolerance and self-righteousness all lurk within this potent card's aura. Powerful influences often manage to exist happily unhindered by morality. Don't forget that Hitler died believing history would vindicate him!

This is also a bad card for those involved in legal disputes - in such matters, it tends to warn of an impending loss. It can also act as a final warning: 'Take this chance to improve matters,' it implores, 'Because if you don't, then you'll never get another!'

Overall though, Judgement is a positive card. It helps us to examine our consciences, and signifies good publicity, favourable outcomes and an unexpected promotion at work.

Lastly, if our career is stalling, it encourages us to emigrate and find new pastures! There's nearly always far more good than evil flowing from its strong, transformative influences - and when this isn't the case, then we tend to know why!



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