viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Seeking Clarification of Tаrоt Readings

Many individuals who are learning to read the Tаrоt often times become concerned with the accuracy of the interpretation. This is understandable, but also sometimes quite confusing. When doing a reading don't get obsessive over the meaning and outcome of the reading. That may sound like a contradiction in terms but really it's not if you truly stop for a moment and think about it.

When doing a reading the influences that are surrounding you or the individual getting a reading are only there for a short period of time. Our thoughts, actions, decisions and numerous other elements and influences change the flow of things in our life literally in the blink of an eye. While keeping that in mind, don't obsess over a reading you did 3 months ago and still haven't figured out it's meaning. If that's the case, you're most likely missing the point all together.

The Tаrоt is a means of guidance, a glimpse of how things are fairing in your environment and life and what things are currently affecting you in some way. Sometimes this can be something from the past that still is unresolved but is still needing to be dealt with or it would not keep coming up for you to experience.

While that may be true, keep in mind that the guidance is only useful at the given time of the reading. Sure it may apply for several days or even months but it's not intended to be an exactness of what to expect. It is a mere glimpse of what is occurring or may occur if elements, influences and conditions continue as they are at that given moment of consulting the cards.

They are meant in a literal sense that the outcome is not set in stone as you or the one receiving the reading can alter the outcome by changes in thinking, actions, attitudes, behaviors, etc. I know that it is very challenging trying to learn the Tаrоt and yet at the same time feel completely overwhelmed by the meanings and accuracy.

Although there are tons of resources available on the individual card meanings they do change per individual based upon the unique circumstances so take into consideration that whatever comes to mind while seeing each card is what you should be paying the most attention to despite what the books say. Trusting your intuition is far more accurate than that of another's opinion on the matter.

The point is, yes you can reflect on the card reading for a few days if need be; but after that the information is basically useless as circumstances, energies, influences and elements have all changed since the reading was last done. So in that case, if you're still needing clarification, pull one card asking for it to clarify what you are needing to acknowledge and learn from the previous reading and whatever card comes up intuitively get a feel for the card first before moving on to see what the books have to say.

Stop brow beating yourself to death over trying to figure out the meaning. The main purpose of the Tаrоt is not just for guidance and a glimpse but also to teach you to be in tune with your innermost self and intuition. The more you allow yourself to listen to your inner voice and intuitive promptings the quicker the whole concept of Tаrоt will become easier for you to understand.

Trust me, let down your fear of being wrong and just allow yourself simply to be with your cards and listen to what impressions are coming forth for you to ponder. And some questions, there are no clear answers for a reason. Often times that is because we are either not intended to know at that given time or our focus is on something that isn't truly in our best interest. So be sensible with your questions and trust your intuition to guide the process.

Once you overcome these beginning challenges you will find it much easier to understand their associated meanings, as well as, be more confident in your approach and abilities. It's a process, allow it to unfold.

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