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The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress - Four Tаrоt Cards Interpreted

Interpreting tаrоt cards is quite hard especially for the beginners. Every card defines its own meaning and it is not always easy to understand them. In recent times, many tаrоt readers even have come up with their own set of interpretations of these cards.

Below there are some of the tаrоt cards interpretations for the beginners:

1. The Fool (The Spirit of Aether)

Card Number: 0

Key Number: 11

Ruler: Air

Numerical Value: 3


Positive: It defines a beginning of some kind of journey. It can be physical, mental or spiritual. It can also refer to a new life path. Current status might overturn by unexpected circumstances. You feel optimism and high energy. Important decisions related to life to be made.

Negative: Decisions and choices may become rash. Your commitments and actions may become fatal for you. This is not a great time to make such decisions. You many engage yourself in illegal entities like gambling, etc. You start works and never able to finish them.

2. The Magician (The Magnus of Power)

Card Number: 1

Key Number: 12

Ruler: Mercury

Numerical Value: 9


Positive: You feel the urge to take high-risk tasks. You materialize your creativity and the world will acknowledge that. You will be able to recognize your own potential, power of communication and strength of will.

Negative: You will be thinking twice before committing something new. Doubts will surround your mind and you feel incompetent to the world. You will give up easily and lack of self-confidence will lead to bad image in the society.

3. The High Priestess (The Priestess of the Silver Star)

Card Number: 2

Key Number: 13

Ruler: Moon

Numerical Value: 9


Positive: Your intuition level will go to next level and you unearth your hidden knowledge. These things will surely affect your live both at home and at work. Influence of women indicated during this time. Patience will be an important factor and need to be observed. You will also meet your softer side this time.

Negative: Your intuition levels and mystic power may create trouble within your family. You may get depressed with the softer side of your personality. As influence of women is indicated, you may find lack of co-ordination with the women. The happenings will remain unfavorable during this time.

4. The Empress (The Daughter of the Mighty Ones)

Card Number: 3

Key Number: 14

Ruler: Venus

Numerical Value: 9


Positive: You feel secured in life during this time. You will enjoy all the worldly affairs and chances of parenthood are bright. You will enjoy assurance in money matters, wealth, love,etc. You feel closer to loved ones and growth in career is indicated this time.

Negative: All the above mentioned positivity will reversed this time. You feel detached from your family, trouble in your workplace and financial matters are indicated.


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