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The Wheel of Fortune

Because I read the Tаrоt inspirationally rather than sticking ridgedly to the letter of the law, I have discovered that depending on the deck you can uncover a wealth of hidden meanings in the cards. However, the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card is actually very obvious if you care to think about it.

Generally it's considered at a top-level to mean that life has ups and downs and you just have to weather them, and in the case of some of the big things such as bereavement and job losses you do have to do that. But there is so much that you don't have to weather if you will be proactive in your life as opposed to reactive.

The Wheel of Fortune is, of course, a wheel, and like any wheel it can be pushed in the right direction if you have the mind to do so. If The Wheel falls in amongst cards that indicate real life problems that have to be weathered in their own good time, then weather them.

If, however, The Wheel doesn't fall in one of those positions, if for example you're doing your own short Reading to look at a problem or issue, then why not interpret the card as 'time to give fortune a push in the right direction' than believe that you are at the mercy of a capricious and dawdling Universe.

If the time isn't right then a few gentle pushes will show you that nothing is changing, if the time is right those pushes will bring about real change and improvement faster than if you sat indoors waiting for a wheel somewhere to decide that success and abundance are yours for the taking.

As I get more and more experienced with Psychic work I've learned one thing, there is no Universe holding us back, that's the opposite of what that benign and loving power wants.

Even if the absolutely right thing isn't in your immediate future, there is no harm in going out and sourcing something better and creating more happiness and positivity for yourself. Why wait in misery when you can wait with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

So the next time you see The Wheel in a Reading, if it isn't surrounded by several good reasons to wait life out, go out there and start pushing gently and see what happens.

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